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      SOLD:SOLD Two #3 Duluth Packs for sale     
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02/13/2021 10:05AM  
#3 Duluth (Standard) $125: in great shape with only two very small fray points. I would not even call them holes. The straps have been regularly treated and I could imagine this pack lasting for a lifetime with a little care.

#3 Duluth (Heavy Duty) $225: Some years ago Duluth Pack made a heavy-duty version of their canoe packs. This is one of those and it's in beautiful condition. It has wider leather straps and a double-layer bottom with poly lining. It was refurbished 2 years ago at Duluth pack and most of the leather was replaced. Includes tumpline and shoulder strap pads

Please note that I used a marker to put my name on them some years ago. Consider this a challenge like if you were trying to cover an old tattoo. Or maybe sew a cool patch over the name? I'm sure there is a solution.

Check out the photos here: Duluth pack Photos
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