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02/14/2021 09:36AM  
This one is....rough. If you're going from Cherry to Lunar it's uphill, bog/swamp, then uphill boulders.

It's pretty much broken up into thirds. The landing on Cherry is decent and not hard to find...if you listen close there's a tiny stream falling into cherry from Lunar. (pro here) The first third is up hill but not bad. The middle third is flat but through a beaver pond that you can either float or wade through or try and bushwhack around to the left. We just walked the trail and left the boat at the landing so we did the last option. The last third of the trail is a rock garden of big boulders over that small stream which you can sometimes hear and see below your feet below the boulders which is kind of cool.

There is one GIANT pine tree at the Cherry landing too.

The "Lunar landing"
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distinguished member(5722)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
04/07/2021 10:43AM  

Good description. Went through there last spring...

After the initail climb out of Cherry, the trail was underwater due to a beaver pond. Just remember to turn left to hook up with the trail again. It's kind of a challenge to discern just where that is because it basically picks up at the jumble of boulders seen in the second photo; which looks nothing like a portage trail.
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