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02/14/2021 04:23PM  
We accessed this via Malberg on a longer trip in July several years ago and spent a few nights here...a very nice campsite. Great fire area up against a large boulder. Plenty of large granite rocks high above the lake to lounge on with a great view. Also plenty of lake level slabs for fishing. A few good tent sites that were a bit out of the central living area and surrounded by trees so kind of like bedrooms. Very good walleye fishing in the area, especially on the point directly south of the island where the lake narrows. This is one of my favorite sites, perhaps not outstanding in any one thing but very good at a lot of them. Plenty of daytrips in most directions.

Rocks on the north edge of the site for lounging, eating, coffee - with a view

Nice little clearing for the fire with seating

Several good level tent sites

The view towards the south on River Lake from a nice seating area at the edge of camp. The point on the left at the narrows was the walleye honey hole for us - we pulled out about 35 walleyes in an hour or so on the way back from a daytrip. Nothing big but they tasted awfully good.
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02/15/2021 06:42PM  
Checked out this site couple years ago and thought it was unique but wound up going into Amber and got the beach site.
02/16/2021 05:42AM  
Yeah, the Amber site is nice, we had lunch there on a daytrip. But we had just spent a couple nights on a nice sand beach site on Malberg and wanted some good old fashioned rocks for lounging and fishing. Honestly I think I prefer the River Lake site unless swimming was a priority.
distinguished member(5722)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
06/24/2023 09:23AM  

Stopped in there last week to take a break. Very nice site that has a lot of positive amenities. My criticism (if you will) was that there just didn't seem to be a good flow, as it felt like each thing (kitchen, tent pads, latrine, shoreline rocks etc.) was too far away from everything else and was in its own little pocket. But, admittedly, that's getting to the splitting hairs stage of criticism. :)
senior member (75)senior membersenior member
07/11/2023 08:35AM  
Took a look at this site in early June this year and liked it a lot. We had camped the previous night on Fishdance and we were headed for Adams that day but I was tempted to stop for the day just because this site is so nice.
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