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02/21/2021 08:22AM  
Nice campsite, better than it looks from the water. The living area is somewhat sheltered but open enough for views. There is a long rocky point that extends out into the water which makes a good spot to have your morning coffe, fish from or dive off of. Fishing can be good from there, wading is very nice. One smallish tent site right by the water and a few more within the campsite itself. Plenty of wood if you go back a ways. Great sunset view.

View of site from the water

Nice open site, several flat tent pads. Good fire area and seating with some nice table rocks for convenience nearby.

Part of the lake view from site

Nice tent site right by the lake

A long rocky point extends out into the lake

Great sunset views
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distinguished member(4162)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/22/2021 12:34PM  
The "trigger" of the gun? I've stayed here on 2 separate trips. A nice site...we never did do very well on the fishing though.
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