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senior member (80)senior membersenior member
03/29/2021 01:56PM  
For our trip this year we're venturing out of the Grand Marais side, we typically start in Ely. This will be our 10th consecutive trip, yay us. We're going out of EP 55, and will be heading south along Sag toward Knife.

As it stands today the plan is to take that route south until we hit the Ester Lake area and then play around in the Hanson/Cherry lake area. None of us have been over here in this area of the BWCA. Wondering if there are any must see spots to check out in the area. We have 5 days to play with, strong paddlers, our 5 day trips are usually around 50 total miles.

I've heard this area is beautiful, I'm most looking forward to forest hikes through the great elevation change. The trip will be in the first half of August.

Thank you and be safe.
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distinguished member(4155)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
03/29/2021 05:58PM  
I've got a trip report from a couple years ago mostly in the Knife/Cherry area. (click icon below my username)

Cherry is a very cool lake, though only 2 sites and both are nice. The Cherry/Hanson portage will get your heart rate up. But if you're looking for elevation....Cherry has it. Big cliffs and even islands with lots of elevation. The portage to Lunar would also be a fun place to explore...huge pine right at the Cherry landing and uphill the whole way w/ a small stream between the lakes.

Eddy falls on the south arm of knife is a spot to check out. As is Thunder Point farther west where the south and north arms meet. Huge hill to climb and get a killer view.....both popular areas but worth it.

03/30/2021 03:14PM  
Hello. I have been paddling this area for many years now. I hope you enjoy the trip on this side of the BW. Below are some of my thoughts.

The paddle from American Point (if you get a tow boat in) to Monument Portage is very easy. If you hit this area in the morning (Swamp Lake) keep an eye out for moose. I've seen moose there multiple times. Monument Portage itself is full of ups and downs. But it is one of my favorite portages.

Both sides of the portage into Ester lake are steep. If you happen to hit them on a rainy day, watch your step. Both Ester and Hanson are great lakes. There is a small (and I mean small) site about halfway down Hanson on a little spit of land. There is some good bass fishing in that area.

If you get crazy I would recommend the portage into Knife South Arm from Hanson. Easy portage and that end of Knife is worth seeing. There is a nice sandy beach side right near the portage on Knife that is a good place to camp.

Hope this is helpful. Have a great trip! I'll be in the same area around the same time.
senior member (80)senior membersenior member
04/01/2021 04:28PM  
Thank you for the responses.

If anyone else has some locations in this area to check out let me know!

Cherry Lake is our goal.
distinguished member(5455)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
04/03/2021 12:24PM  
If you haven't done so already? Check out my trip report from last spring. Hanging out north of the south arm I covered much of the area you are proposing.

Be sure to check out "The Enchanted Forest (Hanson - SAK) portage", Eddy Falls, Thunder Point and Lake of the Clouds, Clam & Ester Lakes will be worth a visit.

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