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member (10)member
03/30/2021 05:43PM  
1994 fiberglass Bell Fusion tandem/solo

Has been sold!

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03/31/2021 07:48AM  
Email sent.
03/31/2021 12:41PM  
Is this canoe still available?
member (10)member
04/05/2021 11:32AM  
Yes, the fusion is still available.
senior member (79)senior membersenior member
04/11/2021 12:00PM  
Do you know off hand what the canoe weighs? Thank you.
member (10)member
04/12/2021 10:47AM  
The Fusion with aluminum gunwales is 55 lbs., I believe, so this one with wood gunwales might be just a few pounds heavier than that.
member (31)member
04/16/2021 06:27AM  
If this canoe is still available where do you live?
member (10)member
04/16/2021 10:42AM  
Yes, it's still available. I'm located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
member (10)member
04/22/2021 11:46PM  
Bumpety Bump Bump. Canoe is still available and it is in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It's a great recreational canoe, not so much for BW tripping unless as a solo.
member (13)member
04/24/2021 07:25AM  
Interested! Can you email ?
member (18)member
04/24/2021 01:25PM  
I am interested if its still available.
member (10)member
04/27/2021 06:47PM  
The Fusion is still available.
member (12)member
04/29/2021 07:32AM  
I am interested. Please send an email to
Thank you!
member (10)member
05/04/2021 12:23AM  
I took the Fusion out for a paddle this evening, the first time in over 20 years that I have been in the boat. I have to say, it was pretty sweet. It handled well as a solo, and it seems to have a good combination of primary and secondary stability. I think this would be a great recreational canoe, especially as a general cabin canoe.
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