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04/09/2021 09:27AM  
I have an opportunity to get a screaming deal ($125!) on a barely used Garmin Montana 680t. In my prior posts - I was looking at the etrex series (was thinking of the etrex touch 35) - but this one seems far superior. Thoughts? We need it to help navigate the border route challenge this Fall.
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Savage Voyageur
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04/21/2021 09:47AM  
Jump on this deal. I have the Garmin Montana 655T with the upper Midwest 24000 Topo chip added to it. I’ve had it for many trips now. It’s really good with power consumption and you can also use AA batteries too. Both units came with great topo software but I navigate with Topo maps so I bought the extra chip. This is not needed for you because the unit has great mapping software to start with. It’s a big touch screen which I really like using. Simple just touch the screen where you want to go to. Kind of like my cell phone. No toggle buttons to wear out and break, simple touch screen. Reads very well in full sunlight to. Don’t let this deal slip away. Oh by the way mine was over $500 when I bought mine 4 years ago.
04/21/2021 11:02AM  
Yes jump on that very good price! Touch screen may not be my liking but for the $$ I sure could put up with that. Size is the biggest difference from an Etrex 35, most everything else is the same.

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04/21/2021 11:12AM  
I ended up snagging it and am very glad I did! Now I'm learning how to use basecamp to get things set up, practicing on local routes. Woot.
04/21/2021 01:20PM  
When I got my first true GPSr I carried it at work and play all the time. Did a pile of GeoCaching. Best way to learn it is use it!
Have fun with it!

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