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senior member (81)senior membersenior member
04/14/2021 07:34AM  
We are looking at heading from Saganaga to Knife or the South Arm of Knife mid June. Noticed there are lots of permits left. Was curious how much pressure this area will get in Mid June as I have not been to this area yet? I noticed Knife is pretty much accessible from multiple EP's all the way from the Grand Marais side to Ely side. Can I assume people try to avoid the burn out areas and flood to the nicer flush areas?

Also, there will be six of us (3 adults, three youth). A beach is highly desired. Doing some scouting, I am not finding many beach sites that would accommodate 3 tents as well. One or two based on my research. Is this accurate, or are there more decent sites that do have beaches in the knife lake region?

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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distinguished member (292)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/14/2021 07:50AM  
I think a fair amount come up from Moose.
distinguished member(1929)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/14/2021 10:38AM  
Site 1432 has a beach and would be great for your group if you can get it....I arrived into SAK from Amoeber at about 11:00 am last June 8 and it was one of the only sites that were still available....very busy area last year at that time....
distinguished member (338)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/14/2021 10:59AM  
I have been to knife probably 10 times. It is very busy. It has gotten worse and worse each year. It is not the place to find solitude like it used to be. It is a beautiful, huge lake but people know that. There are many campsites so you will find one but get it early afternoon. As for sand beaches, VERY few sites have sand up there. Very Few. Rock, Rock and more Rock which is what I love. So different than Indiana/Michigan. I know of 1 on sag we have stayed at twice at the end of our trip, on the southern point of an island that has sand.

Most sites I go to can hold a large (6person) and small (4 person) tent. Maybe an additional small.
Good luck, it is a beautiful lake.
04/14/2021 12:30PM  
It's a busy area, most coming from the Moose area. But lots of sites so I wouldn't let that deter you. It's not a sandy area or lake in general like some others, so yes there's not a lot of beaches at sites. But there are a few or at least semi gravel
senior member (81)senior membersenior member
04/16/2021 04:03PM  
Thanks everyone. Good info here and helps me decide for sure what we want to do and where to go.
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