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senior member (70)senior membersenior member
04/20/2021 09:11AM  
Im in the market for a double bladed kayak paddle for my solo canoe. seeing whats out there, if anything.

Looking to stay under $150 - im located in the twin cities willing to travel for a deal as well as pay shipping if necessary.

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distinguished member(1548)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/20/2021 07:39PM  
Do you know what length kayak paddle you want?
member (46)member
04/20/2021 09:16PM  
I've got an Accent/Cannon Ultimate Angler LeverLock Kayak style Paddle that I bought in 2019 that I have used for about two hours of paddling. After using it I decided I like a single blade canoe paddle and not kayak paddles when I am solo canoeing. Asking $125.00, retails for $195.00. Here is a link to the manufacturer website with the specifications of the paddle: Ultimate Angler LeverLock Kayak Paddle

I can post pictures of my paddle if you are interested.

04/20/2021 09:26PM  
If you're not looking for something special, you can buy a new basic Bending Branches one for half your budget.
senior member (70)senior membersenior member
05/03/2021 11:09AM  
Thanks for the replies.

I ended up going with the Bending Branches Slice Glass Solo.

Im 6'2, so a longer paddle is necessary for me.
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