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04/22/2021 10:17PM  
Hey Gang,
I’m always looking for recipes that I can make, dehydrate, then rehydrate in the field with minimal time and just boiling water. I’ve been able to do it with a vegan chili recipe and a vegan Quinoa Enchilada Skillet recipe (let me know if you want my recipes for these two dishes). I’d like to know some more meals that dehydrate/rehydrate easily and are tasty in the field.

Extra bonus for vegetarian or vegan options! Thanks in advance,

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member (23)member
04/23/2021 08:23AM  
Ditto, except the vegan part. I've just had to experiment. Doesn't seem all veg rehydrate without serious texture degredation. Kraut/cabbage seems to do ok. The kraut even retains some of the bite/sourness. Since I'm doing keto, everything this time is home made. Broccoli doesn't do to bad. Riced cauliflower is ok, pretty much dehydrates to nothing. I've tried mostly frozen veg since those have already been blanched/prepped.
distinguished member(1134)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/26/2021 02:59PM  
We've had really good luck with several bean based meals... black bean chili with ground turkey or chicken, calico beans with ground turkey or chicken, pasta fagioli soup with ground turkey or chicken. We usually make extra when we're having it for a meal and then dehydrate the leftovers. We definitely prefer ground turkey or ground chicken as the meat, that seems to rehydrate best for us.

We also dehydrate homemade or store bought refried beans, black beans, pinto beans, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, frozen mixed veggies or corn or peas, fresh veggies - usually peppers, onions, mushrooms. then use these items to create meals. We've dehydrated rice and canned tomatoes, then rehydrated and created spanish rice in camp to go with tacos.

Check out the main meal thread - it's one of the recipe threads pinned to the top. If you scroll through from the top there are a lot of dehydrated meal, tips and recipes filtered throughout.
05/03/2021 09:46PM  
I made vegetable stir fry that turned out ok. I diced all of the vegetables instead of slicing. I used mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, carrots, and peas. I made rice in a rice cooker, which when dehydrated makes homemade instant rice. I mixed my stir fryed vegs with the rice before I dehydrated it.

I would like to have Enchilada Skillet recipe. Did you make a YouTube video of it?
distinguished member (228)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/04/2021 10:55AM  
Check out the dehy basics thread I just bumped super useful and has a lot of good recipes in it.
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