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04/28/2021 04:25AM  
One of the tools I use at work is satellite loops of various things. The first that many think of is clouds- and yes that is very important and can be very in-depth depending exactly how your looking at those clouds (what band etc). But also important is water vapor , air masses , lightning (not on this site) and even being able to pick out hot spots in fires. The list really is endless and the technology in the last few years (GOES 16/17) has put satellite views off the charts compared to what was used just as little as 3-4 years ago.

The following is probably one of the best free sites out there and also has a simple tutorial in explaining what kind of product your using and how it works. (to access this- just click on the little "?" in the upper left). You can zoom in to the state level or expand to a "full disc" which is basically about 1/4 of the globe.
From the link I post below- you can change it to whatever floats your boat.
The following is "True Color" --of the center of the Lower 48. Ultimately, if you were able to float in space next to the satellite this likely is not exactly what you would see with your own eyes; rather it is the closest approximation we can make with the data coming from the satellite. This is really cool to watch the terminator line (esp sunrise) move across the globe.

5 minute intervals and auto updates.
1 minute intervals on the mesoscale floaters which move around daily based on potential of severe weather etc. really cool to watch thunderstorms "blow up" basically in real time.

Some of my favorite for daylight hours is true color, natural color and visible red #2. For night time it's #7, #14 , but mostly NT Microphysics once you get a hang of it-- it's amazing what you can "see".

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04/28/2021 05:00PM  
Nice, thanks.
I'm in north central MN now and MPR just said that we could expect some light showers tonite. From your link I can see the water vapor entering NW MN now. I don't follow weather near as closely as I used to now that I'm retired from firefighting.
Grandma L
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06/06/2021 01:21PM  
Thanks, the radar is great!
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06/06/2021 08:18PM  
Watching the loop on 6 Jun 2021 at about 8:20 pm. You can see the shadows spread east from the storms clouds going up in Minnesota tonight.
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