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05/05/2021 12:09PM  
so... i was chatting with my paddle partner yesterday, about past canoe trips. i was babbling on about getting to argo the easiest and shortest route.

is getting a tow to twin falls and then heading south to argo an idea that's workable?
or a tow to PP and then paddle north?

we were commiserating that we didn't have much time to really explore and see the area between twin falls and PP due to too much wind and having to keep to a schedule.

is there a better or other routes i'm not thinking about?
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05/05/2021 12:13PM  
Taking a tow to Bottle River would be quickest.

A more cumbersome method would be to take a tow to prairie, check in, tow back to your car and drive to Mudro to paddle to Argo.

Best: Prairie Portage with Sarah entry. Sarah, Tuck, Robinson, Elk, Cone to Argo. Beautiful lakes to travel. Return with detours through Ted, Earl, McIntyre and you've traveled some of the finest country in the park.
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05/05/2021 12:26PM  
Tow to Bottle from Crane Lake is quickest and easiest, but more expensive.

Second easiest I think might be tow thru PP to Washington Is, then paddle/portage thru Basswood River thru Lower Basswood Falls into Crooked, then paddle to Sunday Bay, hang a right to portage into SW Argo....only 5 portages and the lengthy paddle across Crooked....pray for no big westerly winds crossing Crooked....if the winds are up, you could head north via Gardner Bay into Elk and then north into Cone and west into Argo....
05/05/2021 12:30PM  
that's great advice! we've been on all those lakes except tuck and robinson, and all are smashingly beautiful!
05/05/2021 12:35PM  
Tuck and Robinson are beautiful lakes with two easy connecting portages. I have been looking at getting into Argo for awhile as well. My next opportunity will involve getting a tow to Bottle and crossing Iron into Crooked followed by paddling to the portage to Argo. I think this is the most straightforward (for me, at least). That's not to say that an entry via Sarah isn't worth it :)
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05/05/2021 09:59PM  
The Roland Chain is also a nice way to get into Argo from Crooked, albeit a bit longer. The portages are along nice little streams with cascading waterfalls.
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