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05/09/2021 11:50AM  
What would the value of this be? We bought a cottage and this canoe came along with it. We want to sell it since we already have a canoe. Thanks.
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05/09/2021 02:12PM  
There's a Sawyer group on facebook. It would be a good place to check.
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05/09/2021 07:49PM  
Where is this canoe?
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05/10/2021 08:49AM  
Depends on condition of the hull and the method of construction (kevlar or fiberglass, foam core or solid etc.)
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05/10/2021 06:22PM  
pswith5: "Where is this canoe?"

I was thinking the same thing.

Depending on what canoeyou already havethe x-17 may be a better canoe.
05/17/2021 04:10PM  
Hi Everyone:

I'm new here and I am really happy to find this place. I just got a Sawyer Canoe today. It was in my neighbors barn and when I asked him about it, he told me to "please take it" as he was planning on getting ready to get rid of it anyway. I guess today was my lucky day.

It is in excellent shape, though it's a little dirty. No damage whatsoever. A few scratches is all. The sticker inside the hull says it is an Outradge 18. (NOT "Outrage." It is white. It has a black stripe and the Sawyer name on the outer side in the center. The serial number is: SAW11995M82H It also has a plate that says;
SAWYER (then two red crossed paddles)followed by Canoe Company and beneath that it says Oscoda, Michigan. I've got it up to clean and then I'll take photos. I measured and it measures out at 17'10" with two seats and three thwarts.

Can anyone tell me more about this really nice canoe? I cannot wait to take it out!
05/17/2021 06:33PM  
The Sawyer canoe group on facebook is your best bet . . . they will tell you everything you want to know about it.
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