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05/16/2021 01:11PM  
The most popular feeder I have is my peanut feeder.

This is frequented all day, everyday, in all seasons by Chickadees, Nuthatches, and all kinds of wood peckers: Downy's, Harry's, Red Bellies, and Northern Flickers. Also an occasional Blue Jay.

What is the most visited feeder in your backyard?

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06/19/2021 11:30AM  
I have a neighbor cat problem and they stalk the birds that come to my feeder. So this year not so many birds. Even the Flickers that came back to nest did not stay.

So far I have deported 8 of them. Only a few more to go.
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06/22/2021 10:17PM  
During the winter my sunflower/safflower feeders get emptied about every other day. Now my two suet feeders seems to go quite fast, a couple of blocks a week. The seed feeders last a week or so now.

During the winter it's mainly wood peckers and nut hatches on the suet with a few chickadees stopping by. Now it's quite popular with most all of them - woodpeckers, nut hatches, chickadees, finches and red wing black birds. Cardinals are not interested at all.
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06/24/2021 08:02AM  
The only one I have is the busiest. Black caps, various sparrows, jays, cardinals, %$@& blackbirds. Underneath the feeder is where the action is. Squirrels, rabbits, and a new addition in the last week, an opossum. I too have a cat problem. My next door neighbor lets her cat out for hours. I asked her to keep it inside, explaining that cats kill things (not their fault-it is what they do) told her about the nuisance animal ordinance. She was not impressed. I then informed her that I will trap it if I have to, and would she prefer a live trap or a leg hold? It went downhill from there.

I guess I have two feeders. Forgot about the Hummers. Very busy.
07/19/2021 09:28PM  
Hanging feeder tray under the eaves in front of kitchen window with only meal worms in it. The squirrels leave it alone as long as there are no seeds in it.
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