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senior member (51)senior membersenior member
05/20/2021 04:51PM  
Hi friends,

I am considering doing the Circle Route outside Ely next weekend and wondering what I need to know for it. Where are the portages? I have the pdf that says it has ten portages ranging from 10-270 rods, but does not show where they are.

Good fishing spots? Good campsites I should target? Should I expect to see a lot of people and fight for campsites? Anything else I need to know? Bugs getting bad already? Water too cold to swim or is it okay? Any trip reports out there?


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distinguished member(7775)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
05/20/2021 06:13PM  
I assume that you have this map.
Stars show access points. Dotted lines are the portages.
05/22/2021 09:12PM  
Bass Lake has good bass and northern fishing and might be the only lake that you have trouble getting a site. Low has walleye and crappie. Grassy has good bass and crappie fishing and has at least one good site. It's been awhile since I was on Grassy, but there use to be an unofficial island site that was pretty good. Tee has no fish. Sletten has a good site and bass. You probably won’t see anyone on Grassy, Tee, and Sletten. You’ll see boats on Low, Burntside and Little Long. Enjoy Dry Falls if it's not too busy. Lots of people hike the Bass Lake Trail but most not fish the lake.
senior member (51)senior membersenior member
05/24/2021 01:05PM  
Thank You! Will be heading there solo this weekend, hoping for good weather and good fishing.
05/25/2021 10:15AM  
We’ve used various parts of this route often over the years. For spur of the moment trips this is a great option if you don’t feel like doing the ‘Wilderness’ hassle. Plus you can bring beer.
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