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05/25/2021 11:52PM  
For those of you that trip with a dog. How do you bring food for your dog through customs, specifically when entering Canada by car. Technically it is supposed to be sealed in its original packaging but that is kinda inconvenient when packing for a trip. Do you bring an unopened bag with you and then just portion it out once you cross, buy the food once you cross, or do the custom agents kind of turn a blind eye to this.
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05/26/2021 09:03AM  
I'm interested to hear other's experiences too, as keeping food in the original bag is not really convenient. Let's see, but you might get more reponses re-posting this in the Quetico forum as it gets more traffic.

The one time I crossed the boarder with dog and dog food they did not make a big deal of it. I was clearly packed for a canoe trip and was heading up to Thunder Bay to pick up a new canoe with plans to cross back into the US that day for a BWCA trip (but I had all my gear/food with me). They did look at my dog's rabies vaccination certificate, then just asked me if I planned to leave anything behind in Canada or give anything away. I assured them everything was for personal consumption and everything was coming back with me. No specific questions about dog food.

I have been planning to head up to WCPP the last couple years, and was planning on repackaging all my dog food for the trip - I keep mine in bulk in a double plastic bag inside an Ursack - plus also planned to bring a small bag of original just so they could see it if they wanted and to use night before and after trip if needed (though I won't leave it in the car).

I did check and my brand of dog food is sold in Canada, so that may help though I have no plans to buy it there.
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