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05/31/2021 11:18AM  
Group of 4, looking for suggestions for a 5 day trip. Entering at Fall Lake (no tow available) and looking to go thru the Narrows to Basswood. Plan is to find camp and fish for 5 days with a day trip or 2 to the falls, etc. Suggestions? Thoughts on campsite availability? My fear is we get to Basswood and nothing is available.
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distinguished member(1284)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2021 03:22PM  
I think you will be able to find a site on Basswood, but you should probably find a site EARLY in the afternoon, and I wouldn't be too picky if I were you. Your chances will most likely go down as you near upper Basswood falls and the motor free zone, especially if late in the day. If it were me, I'd get an early start, travel like crazy, and take the first site I found after 2:00 or so. This may or may not still be in the motor zone, but it is the safest option. You can always move the next day if something better is found, and even staying in Jackfish or Pipestone bay is not a bad option. If the wind is not an issue, and you travel fast and make it to the no motor zone than great, but I would be sure to claim a site early.
Guest Paddler
05/31/2021 04:46PM  
Start at Fall Lake campground, tons of parking, don't worry about a tow.
The paddle up through the narrows into no motor zone
Is a pretty good haul. Several campsites on the eastern
Side, spread out. That far up you should be ok.
Hard to tell this year.
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