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06/09/2021 08:22AM  
So my initial plan was Ram Lake entry, travel to Little Trout and base camp (solo trip).

However, I keep reading about how crowded things are, and getting to Little Trout and finding all of the sites full leaves only unpleasant options.

If a site on Ram is open, should I just take it, and day trip to Little Trout to fish (would fish Ram as well).

Just looking for thoughts.
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06/09/2021 09:33AM  
At one permit per day and not an easy entry, I think you'd be ok. Not your typical entry for the Covid hordes to invade. Check how many permits were pulled 2-3 days before yours.....might give you some numbers to consider. The portage from Vista will keep some out. Always a crap shoot.
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06/09/2021 10:32AM  
cowdoc is right.

Push to Little Trout - I'd be SHOCKED if all three sites were full, especially outside of prime laker season, which we're already pretty much past (not sure when you're going in).

I entered Ram a couple years ago at the beginning of July and didn't see anyone from Ram to LT, either camped or passing through. It was about the most secluded I've ever felt in the BW. Of course that was before the recent rush on permits, but I still say you'll be fine.

None of the campsites on LT are all that great, but you'll be fine solo. Enjoy!
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06/09/2021 11:58AM  
While not foolproof, another thing you can do is check on how many cars are in the parking lot and try to ascertain how many groups may be in the area that way. While not completely unheard of, most people are not going to be coming in from Misqua. I mean if there's a bunch of cars in the parking lot, and both sites are open on Ram when you get there, I probably wouldn't push my luck. Perhaps you'll get lucky and cross paths from another group who can give you some current information???

We did a trip into Ram a few years back. Trip report
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06/09/2021 06:11PM  
Ram Lake entry is one of those off the beaten track entries. Last summer, my son entered the end of June. No one else was camped on Little Trout. I arrived there on July 4 last summer and all 3 sites were open. A lot of people who get that permit just camp on Ram to fish. They don't want to do the uphill portages. You are highly likely to have Little Trout to yourself much of the time. Have fun.
06/11/2021 03:13PM  
Go to Little Trout if for no other reason than to do the Misquah to Little Trout portage. My all time fav. And you get to do it twice! Go for it.
06/16/2021 01:12PM  
I've been to Ram a few times and I have never seen anyone else there let alone Little Trout. As the others have said I would be shocked if you couldn't find a site there.
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06/16/2021 10:02PM  
Spent two night on Little Trout last June we were the only ones on the lake and only saw 1 canoe pass through
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