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      Claire is going to retire June 25-New Map to help with the loss     



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06/11/2021 09:01PM  
On June 25 we are going to lose our best resource for Woodland Caribou. There is just no way anyone else will have that much knowledge about WCPP in their heads or on their desk.

Fortunately this new map that can be downloaded for free has just been listed on-line. This map is a trip planners dream. Route, camps, fire history and much more on one map. And it will be upgraded as new info is available. Look closely and you will see routes for the more adventurous that are not maintained by WCPP. Want to start checking out Atikaki, info for that too!!

Downloadable planning map for WCPP and Atikaki
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senior member (70)senior membersenior member
06/12/2021 11:06AM  
Thanks! Just ordered mine.
06/14/2021 01:21PM  
Thanks...the old topos with the coffee stains, smudges from dead mosquitos, and tears from over use need some update.
distinguished member (226)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/14/2021 05:26PM  
Saw this map the other day when I started following them on Instagram. Im hoping they come out with a series of smaller scale maps as well.
06/15/2021 07:31AM  
Awesome map - thanks for the heads-up!
06/15/2021 12:30PM  
Looks like I won't be getting up to WCPP before Claire leaves her post. Guess if I have any questions I better get them asked quickly.

Very cool map. With the colors and calligraphy, it sort of reminds me of a pirates map! Having fun reviewing it.
senior member (87)senior membersenior member
06/16/2021 05:37PM  
Thank you for the map link. A valuable resource. Been close to 20 year since I've been to Woodland Caribou......still have my maps but now I can update them for the next trip.....hope it's doesn't take me another 20 years to get up there though....
member (12)member
08/09/2021 09:44AM  
This season has kept me busy updating the map.
Thanks for the kind words and orders!

A full update from this past summer's fires will be forthcoming into September, likely - hopefully. As some will note the fires are lighter in shading the older they are. This year's fires need to be a different colour all together because of the shear amount of coverage they are. yuck! A more clear and obvious park border was required because of this as well.
Tough to market a product that doesn't really exist. The only provincial park closed - perhaps for the rest of the year now. The coming year's will require some serious planning to find routes that will appeal to all - in and out of the burn.
Enjoy the planning!
Update to the downloadable map on the website will be later next month. I can announce it here. Consider a hard copy then for winter dreaming.

(my woodland journeys)
08/09/2021 10:25AM  
Thanks for the information. The other issue I see with trip planning is just the sheer amount of portage clearing, along with useable campsites.
distinguished member (110)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/02/2021 10:03AM  
Hi folks... retired and no longer subjected to a gag order. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I just wanted to add a plug about this new map; it's a real treasure. Check it out. I've missed our non-resident visitors these last couple of summers but things are now slowly re-opening. Can't wait for next paddling season. Chow
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