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06/19/2021 05:49PM  
New Trip Report posted by dring

Trip Name: Last BWCA Trip?.

Entry Point: 25

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06/19/2021 06:28PM  
It sounds like a nice trip. Basswood can be disorienting. All the landmarks can be so far apart. We managed to completely circle an island and ended up where we started. I can relate about the key. I had mine drop out of my pocket in the desert while off trail. (in a trail-less area) Went back to look for them, but there was no trace of where we had been. We had to replace for 2 vehicles. Those things are not cheap! Definitely consider Quetico when it opens. It's a lot quieter.
06/19/2021 08:46PM  
sounds like you were cruising. I have given up on portage entrys and exits. I just wear keen sandals now and jump in the water regardless if it is 90 degrees of 33 degrees. So much easier than trying to find suitable spots and balance acts to not get muddy or wet.
06/19/2021 10:10PM  
Dave, good to hear you're still out there paddling. We just got back from the Pioneer trip yesterday. We stayed as a group at the Fall Lake campground on Saturday, the 12th with one group putting in there and going up into Basswood and out Moose. My group put in at Lake One and then went up into Fire Lake before reversing. very relaxing trip with only a few short portages. But we saw no other canoes on Fire for three days. Caught plenty of wind, almost all headwind on our way out on Thursday and Friday. I paddled my new Merlin solo stripper and she held up great, real stable in all the chop. This skipper had a tougher time though. I was gassed both days. even slept good on the ground our last night on Lake Two. Not enough trees for the 5 hammocks in our group. I'm going up again in August to Brule with my volleyball reffing partner. We'll prolly take my tandem and leave the solos at home. Give my best to your family.
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06/25/2021 06:41PM  
Great to hear from you. I pray you and your family are doing well.
God bless
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06/26/2021 04:08AM  
Nice report !
One correction... Upper Basswood falls (the horse portage) is only 320 rods... 1 mile.
Give the BWCA another chance. There really are some far get away places. Some where you can go few days without a visitor, or a month or Summer, sitting on some lakes. But I'm sure with that great Kayak, sitting isn't your thing.
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