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06/20/2021 01:21PM  
New Trip Report posted by straighthairedcurly

Trip Name: Sag-Seagull Loop Intro trip.

Entry Point: 55

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08/17/2021 09:30PM  
Sounds like a great introductory trip for Morgan. And what a good trouper she is.
Seagull was my first introduction to the Boundary Waters. My friend and I wanted to take our kids on a canoe trip. We talked with the elementary principal about what we needed to do and by the time we were done talking, the kids were staying home and we each got to invite three friends. He did all the meal prep and cooking as he was used to taking groups of kids to the BW every summer. We loved it.
Fast forward 13 years and I took my three sons and DDIL on our first BW trip. 2021 was our 9th year. We absolutely love it. I have yet to portage a canoe though, but I do most of the meal prep before the trip.
Two of my sons have their own coffee roasters, so there's no instant coffee allowed. It's freshly ground beans and an Aeropress.
Am enjoying reading your trip reports very much.
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