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Guest Paddler
06/21/2021 09:56AM  
Has anybody done this in one day--Baker to Long Island? Also, looking to potentially hit Little Sag from Long Island on the second day. We like to go hard...we have five days and want to hit Little Sag from
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distinguished member(1265)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/21/2021 10:47AM  
How early can you get on the water at Baker Lake? Are you single or double portaging?

From Baker Lake to the campsite on the island in the west bay of LIL is 19.9 mi. and would take approx. 9 hours and 50 min of travel time. (Double portaging.). Given that this does not allow for lunch breaks or wind in your face on Cherokee Lake, I think this is very aggressive.

The better question is this: If your goal is Little Sag, is this the best route from Baker Lake? How about head through Sawbill/Kelso to Zenith Lake and then through Mesaba to Little Sag.

From Baker through LIL to Little Sag is 40 Miles. By going to LIL you actually go north of Little Sag and have to come back south.

From Baker through Zenith/Mesaba to Little Sag is about 29 miles.

I think you stand a much better chance of getting to Little Sag through Sawbill through Zenith/Mesaba.
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