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06/24/2021 03:45AM  
Booked a last minute trip over the 4th for a trip to Crooked lake. I've gone to Crooked before, but always through Mudro- the preferred EP. This time around with about everything booked up, we are going to try to bear the long portages of Angleworm to make it to our end destination. We plan on fishing anywhere from Thursday-Sunday bays with no real preference, which leads me to my next questions. Any ideas on a best route?
Options split once we make it to the Gull/Gun lake area. Head East and take the typical route up through Wagosh into Friday bay OR west and follow the Beartrap river up into Sunday Bay. My curiosity has me seriously thinking taking Beartrap but having never been there and likely low water conditions it could make for a giant mistake. Anyone with any experience?

And most importantly, how's the fishing been on Crooked? Seen plenty of people mentioning it but not many people with reports! (hopefully thats a good sign)

FWIW, there will be two of us, we'll be single portaging, and plan on getting to Crooked on the date of our entry.

Thank you!
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Guest Paddler
06/24/2021 06:05AM  
I have used Angleworm EP and portaged to Wagosh several times. This year I will be entering a few weeks after you and plan to take the Beartrap river so if you take that route please post how traversing Beartrap river went.

Thanks, John
06/24/2021 06:32AM  
The first part of the Beartrap, from Beartrap to Sunday, is unlikely to be too bad even in low water. Did that last September without too much issue. My mistake was taking the alternate portages out of Beartrap, not the proper one. Got it right coming back. I have a trip report that talks about it.

Did not do the second leg, from Sunday to Iron, so can't speak to that.

Now, you say "Beartrap River up to Sunday Bay"...

There was an old portage from Sunday Lake straight up to Sunday Bay on Crooked, but by all reports that has been 100% reclaimed by the forest and does not exist. You have to take the Beartrap up to Peterson Bay on Iron...then portage east to Crooked at Curtain Falls.

Angleworm itself is a beast in terms of length, but is in no way technical. Single or 1.5 it if you can!
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