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07/11/2021 03:33AM  
As the US media festers on the record heat in the West (for good reason- it's "record" after all ) just thought I would share that the South Pole and Antarctica are having one of the coldest winters on record. Here Is June 2021 ( our DEC) at the South Pole- (the missing temps are likely well below -100F- outside the reach of the auto temp sensor). Over 15F below normal for June and July is running near the same. No one talks about that the Earths' temp has actually gone down since last years La Nina. That's is expected when the Pacific cools. Takes time. But another one coming this fall/winter will likely send the Earth to temps not seen in 20+ years.

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07/12/2021 04:04PM  
I need more firewood then is what you are saying.
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