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member (29)member
07/11/2021 08:34AM  
Planning a trip next weekend south of Nym lake Access, and had been thinking of going to Lonely, but now taking a look at Hamburg Lake. Does not seem like alot of people go through here. Anyone ever go to this lake?
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07/11/2021 12:55PM  
I was there in 2018. The lake has a real mystique to it. My wife and I paddled from west to east as the sun was low in the sky toward evening. It is one of those lakes that gives you the feeling that no one has been there for a long, long time. My wife thought it was haunted. I wanted to camp there but we pushed on to Maria at her insistence. In addition, we didn’t see much in the way of campsites without standing dead trees looming over them. Those trees may have come down by now, maybe. I am not sure I am giving the right impression. I think it is a special place and would like to get back there.
member (29)member
07/13/2021 06:59AM  
Thanks for the information Larry, and I understand what your saying. I feel like most wouldn't bother going through here. I think I am going to try it out, and maybe take a saw or axe for some potential site cleanup. How were the portages out of Hamburg and into Maria?
07/13/2021 08:03AM  
The portages between Hamburg and Maria were character building i.e. hard.
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