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07/25/2021 05:31PM  
Group of six is planning for EP1 Trout Lake as an alternate from our EP16 Moose due to closures. We spent the year researching EP16 and LLC but are reacting quickly to EP1. Our dates are 8/2/2021 - 8/10/2021. We plan on a base camp approach, likely looking on the West side due to wind.

How do you get to EP1? It looks like you need to get through Lake Vermillion - do we paddle across it or just get a tow? Where do you set in Vermillion? This is the last piece of information we've yet to gather.

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07/25/2021 07:01PM  
It seems that Moccasin Point is another close set-in point. Who has used this as a place to park the vehicles for the week and canoe across?
07/25/2021 07:51PM  
Moccasin Point is probably the best put-in point. I’ve paddled across it many times and it seems it always windy. If you’re an experienced paddler, it won’t be a problem. I’m usually more concerned about boaters, who don’t seem to care you’re in a canoe.
07/25/2021 07:56PM  
07/25/2021 07:57PM  
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07/25/2021 10:23PM  
Just got back from our trip. We too had to switch our plans to EP1 after our original permit was cancelled the night before our put in. We used a public access ramp into Rice Bay of Vermillion on Mud Creek Rd. Easy access but limited parking with several vehicles park roadside due to the small lot. Paddle straight west until you can turn north to Trout. Nice little waterfall to welcome you into BWCA. Have a good trip!
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07/28/2021 09:54AM  
There is lots of parking at Moccasin Point. Paddle across Vermillion and take the portage into Trout Lake next to Pine Creek. On the Vermillion Side of the portage you will see some really cool old logs in the water.
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