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08/01/2021 07:02PM  
Got our original permit cancelled due to fire so we scooped up the only available we could find for this week and altered our days. So we are going to head into #84 Snake River on Wednesday with a pull out on Sunday (somewhere).

I've been down the Snake before. Also have been through Bald Eagle, Gull, Gabbro South Kawishiwi over the years.

Looking for a route either via loop or route we can take. (can leave a vehicle at an exit point).

Will want to paddle to a new site each day--and allow afternoons evenings for fishing, relaxing etc.

Was checking out a route through Clearwater into Lake 2 and through the northern part of the Kawishiwi and exit either at Gabbro or S. K #32.

I have never been on the number lakes simply because of the volume of people that I always here are on it--and travelling as part of a route makes me anxious that we will have difficulties finding sites to stay through the course of the 4 nights.

I also understand that the portage throught the PMA between Clearwater, Rock Island lake and Lake 2 may make this a route to avaoid?

Question for some of you who have been through that area--how difficult is it to find a place to camp in this area?
Would you completely avoid the Clearwater to Lake 2 route because of the PMA portage and traffic?

Also, any other thoughts of a different route?
We normally paddle deep enough to not worry about these things--but this with the fires we are kind of stuck having to trip through the BWCA freeway--which is just fine because it is still the wilderness.

Any .02 cents from all of you would be much appreciated!
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