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      Possible linkage to cold May- high Hurricane and cold DEC's     



08/04/2021 03:48AM  
Understand, I'am not totally sold on this. But I have followed this author for 25 years or so and he's been more correct on long term weather/climate than anyone I know. Sure he's been wrong, but not as much as others in the field. Posting it here. Let's see if he's correct over the next few months with an over active Hurricane season in the Gulf and NC coast and cold DEC East of the Rockies (generally). FTR-cold DEC's East of the Rockies have been few and far betweeen the past 20 years- so lets just see. ( like 1 outta of 10 ) A lot of what he mentions on the MJO is truth is should be studied more. link
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