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08/04/2021 10:26AM  
So I am sure this question has been covered but couldn't find a specific answer. So at the end of August we are staying at a cabin on Seagull. This is the first time we have stayed right on Seagull but have paddled it many times over the past 10+ years.

So this was a complete oversight on my part until looking at the cabin location and seeing the boundary line. The cabin renter said that there was a boat that we could use so we were pretty excited out fishing different areas of the lake within the motor allowed areas. Then after realizing that a lot of that area was within the BWCA I would probably need a permit. So my question is do I need a permit to access even though I am not accessing through an entry point? We would have accessed probably 5 or 6 days of our stay. I did look for available permits for the week we are there and of course there aren't any.

Also along with this we would be paddling in the area probably every day. So do we need to go and drive to fill a day use permit every day at the entry point?

Thanks any input.

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08/04/2021 11:12AM  
If you are crossing into the BWCA anywhere on the lake, you will need a day motor use permit, but you can motor around outside the boundary. In terms of day paddling, there was a thread earlier this year. My understanding is you can pick up one self-issue day paddling permit and fill it out for all the days you will be out fishing. No need to go get one everyday.

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08/04/2021 12:33PM  
Besure to ask deb at seagull outfitters or study the map and rules of where you can have a motor on seagull. It's not everywhere just cuz u have a motor permit
08/04/2021 01:11PM  
Update since this morning.

The cabin owner got back to us and stated that the boat has a exempt day user permit so it can be used on any area of the lake where motors are permitted. Even in the BWCA portion where motors are restricted to 10hp or less.

Yes we would need to fill out a day use permit every day we wanted paddle into BWCA which is what I kind of expected anyway.

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08/04/2021 03:42PM  
Interesting. Never knew this existed, but found literature on it from the Forest Service. Wonder if these Exempt permits are transferrable to new owners or just original owners in 1978. Does anyone have anymore info on these? Below is what I found.

What is an Exempt BWCAW Permit?
An exempt permit is exempt use from the quota system. In the BWCAW Act of 1978, an exemption to the quota system was provided to homeowners and resort owners (and their overnight guests), for day use and overnight trips on specific lakes named in the Act. “Each homeowner and his/her guests and each resort owner and his/her guests on a lake shall have access to that lake, and their use shall not be counted as part of that lake’s quota” (PL 95-495). This exemption can come in the form of a written guest permit from the Forest Service or with a boat “sticker” to identify homeowner or resort owned motorboats. In the past, exempt permits were issued to authorized researchers, volunteers or other work groups for specific projects. As of 2019, these groups are required to reserve BWCAW permits on as visitors do. Other government agencies or researchers working in partnership with the Superior National Forest may be exempted from paddle and motor quotas on a case-by-case basis.

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08/04/2021 09:12PM  
rvrduxx: "
Yes we would need to fill out a day use permit every day we wanted paddle into BWCA which is what I kind of expected anyway."

If you are entering multiple days from the same entry point you only need to fill out one day use permit and specify multiple days.

Note there is a line for entry and exit date as well as a box to check that specifies multiple day trips from same entry point.
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08/04/2021 10:19PM  
When I was at Seagull Sunday a week ago I overheard someone asking for one of the exempt permits. Didn't pay much attention to the conversation, but I'm sure with a phone call to Seagull you could find out more about the permit.
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