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08/04/2021 03:39PM  
Due to closures, I am sorry to say my three kids and I have had to pull an audible. We now have plans to pull the boat up to Voyageurs National Park.

Is anyone willing to share a marked up VNP map with me? I mean pics of said maps with site notes, attraction notes and fishing notes. Also, what type of maps do you recommend for VNP?
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member (35)member
08/06/2021 01:12PM  
Have you reserved a campsite yet?
IF not go to and search Voyageurs Nat'l Park Camping Permits. Click on "build itinerary". Enter group size. It will pull up all boat-to (and backcountry) campsites and show availability for the next 10 days. If you click "group" it will list the sites by the lake they are on in alpha order. Look for the dates and lake you want to be on for open sites. Open days have an "A" on them. Finding an open site for your days is first, there are no "first-come" campsites in Voyageurs any more, and you must camp in a reserved official campsite. Its busier than ever this year with the Canada closure so you probably wont be able to be too picky for your dates. Some site can be 20 miles from the nearest landing also.
If you already have a site, let me know and I will try to give some info. I've spent over 450 nights in Voyageurs boat-camping, mostly on East Kab/West Namakan, and East Rainy.
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