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08/05/2021 08:46AM  
Anyone have any strategies or techniques you could share? Love to eat them but not much experience catching them.
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08/10/2021 08:12AM  
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08/11/2021 09:06AM  
Eating size perch in the BWCA are relatively rare. I know they around, but I've never caught one. I know it's not what you asked for, but in my opinion you'd be better off concentrating on something else. If you find some perch, they'll likely be pretty easy to catch; any smallish live bait will do the trick, as will smaller lures.
But, yes, deep weed edges are a good place to start, as with any species really.
Savage Voyageur
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08/12/2021 04:47PM  
If I’m targeting Perch in the BWCA I’m going to fish in the same spots as I would for Walleye. 12 walleye, 1 perch, win win for me. Perch are the black sheep of the Walleye family.
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