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senior member (88)senior membersenior member
08/06/2021 08:33AM  
I was planning on a SHT hiking vacation in a couple weeks in the Tofte/Grand Marais area. I was wondering what the conditions in that area are like as a result of the fires. Can anyone provide any info on that?
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distinguished member(1776)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/06/2021 09:12AM  
I’ve been camping in the area for a week. It was Smoky the whole time. The wind was from the southwest mostly. North and northwest wind makes it bad too. A predicted East wind or a south wind may help. I would say there is a good chance it will be smoky part of that time depending on the wind. I don’t think the fires are going out for a while.

The smoke doesn’t smell.

The SHT isn’t as muddy this year though. I’ve been day hiking it with no ill health affects that I can tell.
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