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member (32)member
08/06/2021 05:45PM  
Hey everyone,

First I want to apologize if this isn’t in the correct location, I’m still learning how to navigate this after not being able to log into a different site. Secondly, I’m probably going to get a divorce because I haven’t not been on this website in over a week or two. Tons of great info and photos.

I’ll keep this brief. Finally looking to upgrade to a Kevlar canoe but I want to go used. It keeps the canoe alive and it’s a more green way to go. I’m a big fan of the Wenonah Spirt II, and the MR Malacite, they hit the head on where and what I want to paddle. I came across two other boats, a MR Explorer KX 17’. Great shape, waiting on the aerial, but somewhere between the 90’s and 2000’s. It has two small repair patches on the hull that appear to be an epoxy. That’s fine, but looks a little… sloppy but secure. Tom’s of scratches on the hull, but that doesn’t bother me. The other is a 1984 Sundowner in great shape. Stored indoors during the winter, and kept outside for no one to use in the summer. There’s barely a scratch and very very little sun fading.

Neither are being paddled anymore and I know that the Mad will do a better job on the rivers near me and designed slightly nicer for solo paddling. It’s a little slower from what I’ve read, but will tackle a good trip. The Sundowner I know is more efficient on the water but maybe not as fun on a river? Less rocker?

The age doesn’t matter to me, as long as they’re in good shape and serve keg ourpose well, I’ll get accustomed to how I need to paddle it. I currently paddle a fiberglass 1985 Hoefgen 17’ sport and that thing is great. Handles our little lakes and Lake Michigan pretty nicely. We even take it down our local rivers and it does a good job on that. Some tight corners, and navigating down trees but I have few complaints other than the portaging weight. I upgraded to cherry seats and cherry yoke with brass hardware. I know, that’ll wear out, for now, it looks ????.

Also, one of the Kevlar keel strips seems to have been patched or layer up improper. Can that be repaired or do I just have to out a new one over it? IF it’s needed, it might not be

Any feedback would be very much appreciated, the explorer and the sundowner are priced nicely and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Ps. I can’t buy both because bike parts seem to have gone up in price. A lot.

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member (32)member
08/06/2021 06:03PM  
This didn’t have a whole lot to do with repair questions as it did comparison questions. Next time I’ll get it right ??
08/09/2021 11:54AM  
There are also "Canoe" and "Builders Group" forums that might have been more appropriate for your thread.... This one is more for making gear like tents, tarps, hammocks, etc.

That being said..... I recently sold a Bell NorthStar in lieu of a MRC EX-K. After paddling both tandem & solo I liked the feel of the MRC better. The shallow V also seemed to be easier to heel for soloing. Both are similar boats in terms of capacity & length.

Most repairs tend to have no impact upon paddleability unless it's really poorly done or affects how the canoe interfaces with the water.
member (32)member
08/09/2021 08:41PM  
I appreciate that, and I went back n forth on these. Ended up setting for a 17 Northstar.

Also thanks for the heads up on the category. It’s easy to get lost in these sites and choose the wrong destination after thread after thread pop up. But the abundance of info and community is worth being apart of these
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