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08/10/2021 02:18PM  
New Trip Report posted by SEMNFLYGUY

Trip Name: Shell Lake June 2021.

Entry Point: 14

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distinguished member(1548)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/11/2021 12:46PM  
Some cool pictures. Thanks for sharing this info. I have yet to visit this part of the BWCA so it is useful.
member (14)member
08/12/2021 02:49PM  
Fly guy & family, thank you, thank you, thank you for grabbing my daughters phone. GREATLY APPRECIATED! She had gotten sick on 2nd day and was getting progressively worse. Beaver fever we thought. She tuffed it out as best as she could and we had a great time. Realizing she lost her phone when we were at the last portage before hitting the river was her breaking point! I reassured her it would be OK and we would most certainly find it, but I was not looking forward to doing the beaver pond portage again! From half way down the lake, when we saw your group coming off the portage, we were hoping you didn't go to the other portage on Pauness. Thankfully you didn't and happy ending for all.
Yes.. lightning at the end was scarry indeed.
As it turned out, beaver fever was really her gallbladder and she had emergency surgery a few days later.
There are many good people in the BW and we had the good fortune to meet some of the best! Thanks again, Mike
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