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08/10/2021 07:46PM  
Daughter was tossing schedules around and managed to get Friday-Monday off for labor day weekend so were heading north. The only decent EP available was Trout via Vermillion. These kids are not very competent paddlers so we're going to get a tow to Trout portage. Called Lonnie for a ride and turns out hes a super nice guy and is try to juggle us in. Great customer service for sure. Haven't used him yet but I can already tell I'm going to recommend him for others.

This route is a bit off the beaten track for me. I'm much more familiar with the Sawbill, Baker, and Brule EPs and that general area.

I have Daniel Pauly's book on Exploring the Bdub but just wondering if there is any must sees, cool things to see, fishing advice etc. Hell throw campsites in if you want. Routes for a shorter trip like this (entering the 3rd and out the 6th)

What say you magic site of insight into all things?

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08/10/2021 10:44PM  
After our middle of July trip to EP16 was canceled, we wound up with EP1. Despite the tow across Vermillion, you'll still be in pretty big water. Our tow (Lonnie) was $110.00 round trip a canoe (x3). We planned on staying on Pine but every campsite was taken. Wound up going back to Trout. Again, it was pretty hard finding a campsite. I believe our site was 239, but could be wrong. Fire grate allows very little lake views. Fishing from shore? Next to impossible. Canoe landings not that great. Space for two tents, at best. But, as the only site available, it got better with time. There's a really nice sand beach just west of the site. It was pretty windy so didn't want to risk capsizing on Trout. Got onto walleyes on Little Trout, after bushwhacking through a creek with at least four or five beaver dams. Watch out for the blood sucking leaches. We were there for a pretty hairy storm on Friday night. Luckily, the 70 mph winds didn't hit, or else it would have been difficult to find a safe place to ride out the storm. Despite breaking down camp and leaving pretty early in the morning, we wound up getting to EP1 late for our tow. Wound up having to pay an additional $200.00 for the tow. Our fault. Don't be late! If it's windy, paddling across Trout could be pretty dangerous, even if you hug the shore.
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08/11/2021 12:12PM  
We did a Trout Lake entry for Labor Day weekend a few years ago. We took the southern portage into Pine Lake and stayed there 2 nights. We used the campsite toward the south end (on the "boot" shaped peninsula). It is very challenging to find as the maps are not quite accurate and it is not used much. I'm sure some people wouldn't like it, but we loved it because the ground wasn't beaten down to dust, it actually had pine needles on the ground.

We took a daytrip to Pine Creek and had lunch at an overlook on the left side of the start of the portage to Chad Lake. I was nursing a healing broken ankle so I didn't walk the portage to Chad, but my son and husband is a wet mess due to beaver action.

Note that Pine Creek might be challenging to navigate with the low water levels this year. Under normal conditions it is very windy and has some beaver dam pullovers. Hopefully, someone who has been there this summer can comment. We enjoyed fishing on Pine.
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