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member (7)member
08/17/2021 09:39PM  
Does anyone know of any good resources / up to date info and maps on past fires in the BWCA?

Looking specifically for information on the last 10-15 years. Have found a lot on 1900's but was really hoping for more up to date info.

Thanks in advance!
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distinguished member(3899)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/17/2021 10:00PM  
Here's some maps of 2 big recent ones

Pagami Creek also....even bigger

If you go to a different mapping site...they have these extents on their BWCA map so you can zoom in and pan around. PP is short version of it...usually can't get away with typing it here.
member (26)member
08/18/2021 08:12AM  
I found this map at
this website
I'm curious about the historic fire shown in the Crab/Cummings area and posted about it the other day in the Listening Point section.
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08/18/2021 08:49AM  
08/18/2021 09:32AM  
If you own Voyageur Maps, pretty sure the fire lines are marked on them and labeled/dated
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