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08/20/2021 09:47AM  
Hi All,

Long time reader, first time poster.
My friend and I will finally be making our first Wabakimi trip in early September.

We've gone on 15+ through Quetico and some BWCA, and are ready for a new challenge.

Here's our current plan with a few questions at the bottom for any experts out there:

- 7 day/6 night trip (couldn't do longer as both of us have little kid at home)
- main focus = fishing & exploring (without stressing over traveling TOO far).
- flying into Granite (or we could fly into Brennen?) -- staying a 1-2 nights in that area
- traveling into Lower Wabakimi (few nights), then into the river system between Wabakimi & Western Smoothrock and staying there for a night or two.
- flying out of Smoothrock

Q1: is this a good route for our 1st trip into Wabakimi? Are there any lakes/areas we have to see knowing our goals are fishing & exploring? Mattice Lake Outfitters have been a great help and sounds like the portages on our route should be clear

Q2: I've seen mixed reviews of fishing on Granite, but we still want to start in that area to see Brennan Falls and Granite Falls (and fish both). Should we start the trip in Brennan instead? if the fishing is better we might be up for that-- though we know there's a bigger outpost on the lake

Q3: sounds like the fishing techniques should be similar to Quetico. Does anyone know the color of the lakes in general? Would influence jig colors.

Appreciate any input!

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08/20/2021 10:32AM  

Also looking at my first Wabakimi trip in early September (will be solo), given the state of WCPP and the Q.

Also considering flying in to Granite or Bennan, though the budget has me leaning towards a shuttle.
08/21/2021 05:58PM  
Spent a week on the far south end of Granite Lk in August 2018 and my trip mates had absolutely no fishing success there. However, farther north we saw outpost fishing boats almost every day coming from the east side of the lake heading west and then returning in the evening to the outpost located in the NE part of the lake.
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