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08/27/2021 01:46AM  
Twin Cities is officially at least 26% above normal for the total August rainfall-5.49" (through the 26th). Normal (30 years) for the month of AUG is 4.34". It's been dry and still a robust 4-5" deficit for the spring/summer/year on a whole = but please media- nothing like 1934-35-36, 1950 or 1988. Even before y-day's rainfall- this recent drought is nothing like what has been recorded in recent history. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I will post the stats when I get to a desktop. Many will be shocked.
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08/30/2021 07:41AM  
On the wildfire thread on another forum it’s stated that the FS said this is is the worst drought in the 29 years that they have been tracking with the current below normal rainfall and the drought conditions in the forest will likely last another year. How does this jive with your thoughts? I always look forward to your posts and thanks for starting this forum.
09/16/2021 08:03AM  
10/08/2021 08:07AM  
Here's an updated MN Drought Monitor map. It's slowly getting better, particularly in the southeast and southwest. The norther "red" extreme drought areas are shrinking (at least there are no more "black" exceptional drought areas).

What's the winter forecast?
10/13/2021 11:30AM  
Winter outlook posted.
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