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08/31/2021 07:54AM  
We took the kids out to Yellowstone and Grand Teton for a few weeks last fall, and had our MN3 with us on top of our motorhome. We spent an entire day canoeing out to and around Leigh Lake. Without a doubt the most picturesque paddling I have ever done, it was absolutely incredible. While you cannot put together a "route" for this area, if you are looking for a cool place to basecamp and branch off on some hiking adventures, this would be perfect.

Here is a good Grand Teton Paddling Video I found that showcases where we were.

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08/31/2021 12:24PM  
Paddled both Leigh and Jenny on a trip a few years ago. Awesome indeed...I have some photos in my album.
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08/31/2021 06:02PM  
bumabu: "While you cannot put together a "route" for this area, "

You just have to be creative. Over 30 years ago I put in on Jenny Lake, and took out at Moose. Jenny Lake, String Lake, Leigh Lake, Bearpaw, Trapper, Jackson, then the Snake River to Moose. I then hopped on my bike and did the shuttle. I called it the Grand Teton Grand Tour, and lots of fun. I figured it was about 40 miles with portages. Took me 11 hours.
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08/31/2021 06:38PM  
My wife and I went to Jackson about 7 years ago on a business trip. We had extra days and spent most of them in Grand Teton Park. It is the most beautiful park I've ever been to. We caught a ferry across Jenny Lake and hiked up into the mountains. Saw two moose there munching on vegetation for about 20-25 minutes. They were only about 30 feet from us.

We didn't camp during the trip, although it would be a good place to go. All the bear proof garbage cans, etc. would kind of worry me about doing any serious back country camping. Canoeing yes, but not hike and camp. Not without several cans of bear mace and a couple of .44 magnums. They have "REAL" bears there, i.e. grizzly and browns. They also have black bears too, which are much less of a worry.

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