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member (8)member
09/03/2021 09:50AM  
Planning September or October trip into EP 33 Gabro. Hoping to do a short loop in 3 days. Looking for advice or pointers for this area. Been on Gab half dozen times, but no loops. Been other 7-day loops on the west part of the BWCA and been up there for over 20 years going every year. I am experienced in loops and have the gear. Planning on taking a couple with very little experience in the BWCA. Any advice would be great. Fishing or sightseeing. Thanks.
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distinguished member(3895)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/03/2021 12:26PM  
Do some searching on the Kawishiwi triangle. (just north of your EP) Nice easy short but scenic area. It's been done by many, in the BWCA route books, etc.
distinguished member (135)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/07/2021 10:28AM  
I would agree with looking around the Kawishiwi triangle around there. Very scenic and from what I remember most of the portages are pretty easy.

Another option that i did last year with my wife is slightly more chalenging: little gabbro-Gabbro-Bald Eagle-Gull (camp on island)-Pietro-Camdre-Clearwater(camp north side middle site)-Turtle- Bald Eagle-Gabbro(camp)- Little Gabbro.

We did it over 7 days but camped multiple days at each location. The route could be easily be completed in 3 days. The portages were certainly more difficult than the triangle. Part of the route is in the Pagami Creek burn area but the island site on Gull and the north side of Clearwater were not impacted by the fire. I don't remember our travel times but I am pretty sure we traveled around 4 hours each travel day, we double portage and I would not consider us to be fast paddling or portaging . I didn't have much luck on fishing Gull but it is supposed to be a nice walleye lake, we didn't fish Pietro but did see several SMB in the very clear lake traveling through. Clearwater had many nice pike and Turtle is known for pike.
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