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member (42)member
09/08/2021 03:26PM  
Curious if this is still an active portage. It doesn't show up on some maps, while it does on others. Has anyone on here taken this portage in the past couple of years? It looks like it could be an interesting adventure.
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distinguished member (380)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/08/2021 08:44PM  
The loss of the motorized portages really changed the four mile portage for good as I understand it. Dogsleds head through there every winter and there is definitely some traffic into Ella Hall and the connected lakes. Everything past Ella Hall is touch and go (or can be) with a lot of the old portage flooded by new beaver activity.
Guest Paddler
09/09/2021 09:14AM  
It was in fine condition about 5 years ago
member (42)member
09/16/2021 01:43PM  
I will follow up on this if anyone ever searches this question in the future.

Our group decided to give this 4 mile portage a try on our way out of the BWCA. The 2 miles from Hoist Bay to Ella Hall had several very rough spots. Some spots the trail is becoming overgrown while other spots are now a swamp. This was during a severe drought. If water levels are even near normal, I would find it hard to image this would be passable unless you are up for some major obstacles on top of an already very long portage.

Happy Trippin'
distinguished member(797)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/17/2021 08:38AM  
My step sisters did the four mile portage last summer. They lost it once or twice, it was overgrown, buggy, slightly flooded, but it's there, and they did it.
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