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member (15)member
09/09/2021 12:38PM  
Just saw a post on Facebook regarding Souix-Hustler trail maintenance. Had no idea it was going on , but thank you to all who are volunteering!

I did see a photo of walking canoes through low water. Am planning a trip there on the 14th with my wife. Don't think she'd love that...(not a regular visitor). Anyone been there this week? Is water-walking necessary? Not trying to be a wimp here, but want my love to have a great time, so she'll come back! Was planning on LIS north, have never been there so don't know what to expect.

Thanks to all!
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distinguished member(3895)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/09/2021 12:53PM  
I've not been there in LOW water, but it seems like a majority of the river stretch between the EP and the first pair of lakes had reasonable depth. It's not a swift river by any means, just slow and lazy.

So I don't have any current conditions update, just an idea of what's there since you said you've never been. You don't hear about low water issues here like you do for Mudro and some others usually
09/10/2021 08:40AM  
Give an outfitter such as Piragis or VNO a call. It's likely they've had someone up there checking out water levels or have been talking to the Kawishiwi Ranger station folks who may also have a bead on the water-level situation. The put-in from the parking lot is rocky due to the low-water levels. The river after that was open when I was last up there in mid-summer and I had no problem padding up to Upper Pauness to portage into Lower P. and beyond. Just an FYI. I'm sure conditions have changed a bit though.
09/12/2021 12:35PM  
I'm curious if you ever heard back from an outfitter or anyone who's been up there recently on water levels at LIS?
09/12/2021 01:11PM  
I'm also curious to know if water levels are normal or lower than normal this year for LIS North. I'm planning an October trip. Thanks!
member (33)member
09/13/2021 10:49AM  
Regarding the water level on LIS North...

I was just through there Sep 8th-12th. The water is definitely running low, but still able to paddle without any issues. There was one spot about a quarter mile north of the 60 rod portage that we were dragging on the bottom, but we were able to push through it with our paddles and didn't have to get out of the canoe. There was recent rain in the area so the river was slightly higher Sunday coming out than it was Wednesday going in.
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