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09/17/2021 01:13PM  
One of my friends just got a SPOT X to use on canoe trips. I have a SPOT Generation 2 that does what it's supposed to do - send one-way messages - but the SPOT X is a two-way messenger that can send and receive messages. Nice upgrade.

Anyone here have any experience with the SPOT X?
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distinguished member(824)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/17/2021 05:39PM  
Can't help you with the SPOT X, but I just picked up the Zoleo and I'm very impressed. Messages take about a minute through satellite, and are free and instantaneous when you get a data or wifi signal. Battery lasts a long time and customer service has been excellent so far. First real test is in October, but very pleased with test results so far. Zoleo
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