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member (13)member
09/27/2021 02:07PM  
Hi all,

We're heading up to Crooked Lake on Oct 1st and are debating whether or not to go through Fourtown or take the Horse river.

Has anyone been down the Horse recently? We're wondering if it's worth it to shoot the river this year or whether or not it might just be easier to go the Fourtown route.

Thanks for any help!
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distinguished member(3895)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/27/2021 05:25PM  
If you look back not real far there's a very detailed report. Doesn't sound like the river was much fun at that point...not sure on what the weather has done since
member (13)member
09/28/2021 10:19AM  
Thanks for the update Cyclone! I was hoping to take the horse this year, but it sounds like it's not worth the muck fest.
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