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member (7)member
10/03/2021 08:18AM  
Hi Friends,

I just stumbled into this "DIY Gear Group" this morning. Oh, what a good find! And I can share some of my outdoorsy DIY projects.

I'm a cheapskate, but like good gear that lasts. I don't like paying huge bucks for a simple Duluth pack, so I built 3 packs for my 3 kids. Here are a couple of links with pictures:

My first very basic Duluth pack

Slightly larger Duluth pack with added exterior pouches

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10/03/2021 08:50AM  
Nice work, Dan! Good photos, too. I've made several similar packs when I helped Boy Scout groups get into Canoe Country--even made the padded shoulder straps. I added a draw cord at the top of the pack to partially close the mouth and cords (instead of straps) in edge-sleeves for the top closure--made the top flap comply more with the body of the pack. I was lucky enough to have a local source for nylon pack cloth--do you buy the materials online?

member (7)member
10/04/2021 05:13AM  
I did buy a couple of of the materials online - the main fabric itself is from Amazon as well as a couple of the oddball buckles.

I had good luck with scavenging materials and hardware from old school backpacks from the kids (namely the cushioned shoulder straps), and also from unused laptop bags (zippers, nylon straps, and buckles).

I've also enjoyed using the large flap to merit the kids with "adventure patches" after each trip. That seems to be some extra motivation to work hard during some of the harder days of camping.

Kids are growing quickly, so I'm starting to think about making slightly larger packs with more appropriate shoulder straps.

-Dan (aka Reynaulto)
10/06/2021 03:08PM  
I built a couple #3.5-sized packs last spring into summer for my Troop's BWCA trips following a pattern that WindChill posted.
I bought new materials for some things, namely 1000D cordura because I wanted these puppies to be bulletproof and last a good long while. The packs worked great and in camp one doubled as my hammock doormat for getting in & out.
10/06/2021 03:11PM  
distinguished member (223)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/09/2021 05:05PM  
THanks for sharing the link to the pattern mirth. I don't remember seeing your post last summer - your barrel bags look great.

That's a nice looking pack reynaulto. The extra fabric over (to reinforce) the shoulder strap attachment is a good addition. I'll add that to the next one I make.
10/18/2021 04:23PM  
I dig the ninja squirrel patch. Looks like a patrol patch..... May have to try to source that in the future should the Scouts decide to form a similarly named patrol.
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