BWCA Post-fire impacts? Boundary Waters Group Forum: Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
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10/23/2021 11:50AM  
Hello friends,

I'm wondering if anyone can share their post-fire experiences in the WCCP region?

I live in the Western US and have found great pleasure exploring recently burned landscapes. However, I can't get up to the region all that often, and am planning a trip with two first timers, so I want to do all I can to ensure the best chances at an enjoyable trip.

In any case, I'm considering a Bloodvein or Berrens River trip next year (spring or late summer, likely the latter). I understand there are some significant sections that burned at high intensity. Any thoughts on whether the portages will be passable, if some campsites might be more dangerous, or the scenery and wildlife degraded (or too sensitive) in the short term?

If you've got thoughts or experience, I'd welcome it! Should we hold off a year or two or five? Should we get there at our first chance?

Cheers & Thank you!
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