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12/12/2021 10:04PM  
If the border is open, I'm considering another trip to Wabakimi with my daughter Caroline late May entry. Hoping to do a 14 day trip. I'm gonna call Bruce at Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters soon and talk about routes.

The way things went last summer, I'll probably have a BWCA permit as a backup plan!

I'm looking at doing a train ride to Flindt landing, paddling the Flindt river north to Wabakimi Lake, down through Smoothrock, and exiting at Tamarack if it can be arranged that way. Unless Bruce throws me another fly-in deal that I can't refuse.

This trip wouldn't overlap my first trip at all.

Thoughts and comments on that route would be welcome! I roughly figured we could do it in 11 days paddling + 3 layover days for contingencies and fun. 14 days on trail.


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