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01/12/2022 12:27PM  
Has anyone been to this site since 2018?
I stopped there only to find 15 or more large trees crisscrossing the the entire site making it unusable. The forestry service says that they have been out there to insure the site is open but could not detail how much clean up had been done. Only that they would insure that the tent pads were clear and firepit accessible.
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01/12/2022 12:50PM  
I haven't been to that site, but the only thing a campsite needs is a latrine and grill grate. Other than that, the FS is not responsible for much of anything else. They might clear fallen trees, but don't expect them to make every site into a 5 star site. It's the wilderness, how much "clean up" are you expecting? I'd lean more towards the idea of Leave No Trace and think that the site is probably just fine the way it is. Some hammock sleepers would probably love it.
01/12/2022 01:24PM  
Thanks chief. It used to be a 5 star site and capable accommodating large groups. Just looking for some intel before I take the trouble to get all the way back there.
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01/12/2022 07:20PM  
I stayed there in spring 2019 with a group of 4. Giant trees still down everywhere, with some initials and an arrow carved quite deeply into a tree. I think my buddy found out someone died there during a storm? I can't remember. But it really did close off a lot of good room for tent pads. Nonetheless, we fit 2 3-person tents there without issue. I think we were the first people there in a while as the latrine looked unused. It may have been freshly moved, or just filled, but it looked empty. The firepit was totally fine. I don't know if I would have called it a 5-star site without the downed trees but it was pretty decent overall. Good fishing off the front of the site which really made up for the downed trees.

You can see the site in more detail in my trip video here (starts at the moment you get to see the site):
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01/13/2022 08:59AM  
Great video jdoutdoors. Really shows site #155 well.
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