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member (5)member
01/12/2022 02:44PM  
I've been winter camping for a long time, and done a bit up in the BWCA.
However, I always go on the Gunflint side. This year, I'm heading up to the Ely side for the first time.

I would love some suggestions for spots to set up camp and do day trips from.
Here's what I look for:
- Under ~3 mile hike in (snowshoes + pulk)
- quiet lake with a high probability that I'll be the only one out there
- doesn't need to be a good fishing lake
- good day hikes/areas to explore

I was looking at Wood lake, but it sounds like that may be a pretty popular winter lake to visit. I was also thinking about finding a quiet corner of Lake One, but I'm not sure what the ice is like with all the moving water.

Thank you for any suggestions!
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senior member (74)senior membersenior member
01/13/2022 05:40AM  
Wood lake can be busy but usually only during early ice. Head into Good Lake. You’ll probably have the lake to yourself. Mushers day trip to hoist bay. Day trip to Indiana and Wind Bay to stay clear of them.

Another option is Slim Lake. The northern half of the lake doesn’t get used as much in the winter.

Lake One is an option. Watch out at the pinch points. There will be thin ice and some slush.

I’ve winter camped at Wood, Good, and Lake One and ski on Slim.
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