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01/15/2022 12:58PM  
New Trip Report posted by TreeBear

Trip Name: 2021 - What a Year.

Entry Point: 62

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distinguished member(5061)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
01/15/2022 03:01PM  
Aptly named report. Always enjoy your musings (portage/campsite comments etc.) and couldn't agree more with your statement, "I believe trips not going according to plan is what makes them really memorable." So true! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. All the best for 2022.
01/15/2022 03:46PM  
I enjoyed the report and don't consider it bragging. We all choose what we want to do in life and I feel fortunate to get up North once or twice a year. I also appreciate your musings and am happy you got to enjoy so much time in the BWCA. I wish you a happy new year and hope you are able to keep doing what you enjoy, and keep sharing with us! PS- I think I accidentally took the Clearwater to Rove portage by accident, without the Canoe. I had my brother take a picture of me at the campsite marker and he asked which way and while looking at him I said left, and he started to his left and I followed him. I was expecting to go up and we kept going down and I was confused why there was water on my right(Rove)? Figured it out when I got back to camp.
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01/16/2022 05:18PM  
I definitely agree with the trips not going according to plan are the most memorable. I have some long trips under my belt that I remember very few details about...why? because everything went perfectly. Sure I enjoyed every one, but the memorable ones take the prize for stories to be told.Great to hear about your varied adventures and pretty impressive to have been in the BW every month of 2021. I was close to that some years in my youth, but never quite all the months. That Paulson portage is definitely no joke. My husband, son, and I did it a couple summers ago. Beautiful view at the top! Had a huge downpour just as we reached the Paulson end which turned the final drop into Paulson more of a waterfall than a portage path. What a great point of pride for your campers. Here's to many more years of travel for you. Maybe I'll bump into you this summer on one of my 5 planned trips.
02/03/2022 09:50PM  
Thank you for sharing your annual BWCA experiences as a trip report. It was a very enjoyable read and I found myself wishing you could share more of the stories. Perhaps your guests would sign consent forms for you to publish more details, certainly respecting privacy, so others can benefit from their experiences. If you published it in a book format, I would buy it. Your writing style shares a unique perspective and I appreciate your musings. In addition, your comments (on this site and others) about campgrounds, portages, lakes, etc. are very helpful for planning purposes.

I also agree with you...doing difficult things brings great rewards. There are places you don't get to experience unless you put in the blood, sweat, and tears. It's great you give those types of opportunities to the people you guide. I know when I go with my daughters we try and find ways to push ourselves, with the expectation to be adaptable and maintain good attitudes when things don't go according to plan.

Again, thank you for sharing what you can about your experiences. Impressive!
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